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What I do

What I do

Gene Key #9:

The Power of the Infinitesimal

“The taming power of the small is like a laser that can pinpoint a very specific aspect of life, bringing enormous power to bear on that area. An ordinary person may find the aura of such a person almost unbearable, since it spotlights those aspects of your shadow nature that you most fear. If you are blessed to be karmically tied to such a being, it is highly likely that full realization will occur within your lifetime” 

 - Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, p.64

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“The world of the metaphysical can be daunting for many.  Alice’s magic lies in her ability to translate complex ideas for the layperson while at the same time inviting experienced learners to grow! A seeker and a wise being - Alice is a natural teacher.”


—  Kathleen Dowd, MA


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